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Introducing the revolutionary SecureData Online File Repair platform: a cloud-based service that streamlines the recovery of corrupted files. Simply upload your damaged file and let our cutting-edge technology use advanced algorithms to recover your corrupted files quickly and efficiently. View results for free - upload your file to start now.

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About online file repair

SecureData Online File Repair is a breakthrough cloud-based service that significantly cuts the time from encountering a file corruption disaster to complete recovery.

The service provides a simple form to upload a corrupted file for repair. After upload, processing typically takes from a few seconds to a minute, after which the user is offered free and paid options for downloading the results of the recovery.

Dozens of file formats are supported, including Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Access databases, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG and RAW images.

Users can also discuss file corruption and repair issues in community facebook comments integrated with the service.

For a format currently not supported online please use a downloadable repair utility available at the main SecureData website.

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Need custom file repair?

In the event of severe file damage, standard file repair solutions may not be able to processes the files. However, that does not mean there is no data to recover. Contact us for customized assistance to help you retrieve your lost data.

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Offline File Repair solutions

Downloadable File Repair Software

Have many corrupted files or a large database? Try our downloadable file repair software which runs on your Windows machine. You will be able to attempt a repair and examine the results.

Data Recovery Software

Is your Hard Drive, SSD, RAID, Media Card or Flash Drive not detecting? SecureRecovery lets you attempt to extract data from non-mounting devices or restore deleted data with an easy to use interface. Download the demo for free and examine the results.

Data Recovery Services

Not able to solve your data loss issue using our DIY solutions? No problem, we are the data recovery experts specializing in complex data loss situations with our cleanroom data recovery services.

Secure Data has built a solid reputation as the most trusted data recovery & digital forensics provider with a fully transparent and certified process demonstrating that our facilities, processes, and staff exceed industry standards.

From single external hard drives, SSD’s, mobile devices to enterprise NAS, SAN, and RAID failures, we are ready to help recover from digital disasters, anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can SecureData Online repair my corrupt file?

    First, it is recommended to explicitly select the application/file type that needs to be recovered. The effective way to find out if a file is recoverable is to try the demo version on it using the upload form.

  • What limitations does the demo version have?

    A limited amount of actual data will be fixed from the damaged file. Other fixed data will be presented as placeholders labeled "demo". The first, it is recommended to explicitly select the application/file type that needs to be recovered. The effective way to find out if a file is recoverable is to try the demo version on it using the upload form.ll recovery results will contain demo-limited items fully repaired as well. Note, that no additional objects or any other items and features of the original file will be recovered in the full results if they are absent from demo output.

  • I have tried the demo. How do I decide whether to purchase the full recovery results?

    Evaluating the results of demo recovery can help in making the decision.

  • Why do results of recovery contain less data than the original file?

    This is normal. The damaged parts of your file will convert to zero size on output. The other common reason for file size decrease is when some features of the original file are not supported and therefore absent from the recovered file. Demo-recovered file is smaller because it mostly consists of demo placeholders than actual data.